I Am Naming My New Wrinkle Helen

Helen Mirren

I have a new wrinkle… a thin line running from one eyebrow to the other.  I suspect she formed in response to my frequent squinting, which was the unavoidable result of aging eyes still longing to enjoy fine print.  She is still a subtle element on my face, unlike the laugh lines that now remain firmly affixed even when I am sombre and utterly un-amused.

At the time of their development, I named my laugh lines Thelma and Louise in honour of their wild abandon.  Thelma and Louise announce my devilish wit to the world and proclaim that I laugh more than I frown.  This is a worthy accomplishment because in every woman’s life it is sometimes difficult to choose the former over the latter.  Although they have complicated the application of eye shadow, I have grown fond of Thelma and Louise and can no longer imagine my face without them.  How flat and charmless it would be without my ‘crinkles’.

I must admit that I am still on the fence when it comes to my new wrinkle.  Not sure if she adds character or just years.  She is a complicated creature, born not just from squinting but also from a lifetime of worrying, first about boys, then about jobs, money, children, and now aging.  She verifies the existence a side of myself that I generally prefer not to show the world… the part that thinks a bit too hard and cares a bit too deep.    But she’s a also a sign of intelligence.  Better to think too hard than not at all! 

I have decided to name my new wrinkle Helen, in honour of the accomplished actress Helen Mirren.   Ms Mirren is articulate, out-spoken, and unapologetic about her life choices.  And that is what I want my new wrinkle, Helen, to represent, at least to me.  To everyone else I suppose she will be just another line on a middle-aged face.



Author: Kim Scaravelli

Kim Scaravelli is an entrepreneur, marketer, content consultant, and author of “Making Words Work”. The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to Kim’s popular newsletter. Every second Wednesday, she shares practical writing tips, timely insights, and resources to make your work easier and your content better. To learn more about Kim, visit her website.

12 thoughts

    1. I think it’s like hurricanes. When I run out of ‘girl names’ I will have to shift gender. When that happens my plan is to go for sexy and begin flaunting my ‘Ryan Gosling’, ‘ Brad Pitt’, etc.


  1. I love that you name your wrinkles! btw if they ever get too many to find names for, you can always do what my kid suggested to my Mum-in-law – “You might look better if you fill in the cracks!” 😀


  2. I stumbled across your blog for the first time today and was very happy to find a post that made me giggle. I will think out a few names for my wrinkles too – I think I’ll start with Godzilla and King Kong for my laughter lines 🙂


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