I Got Nominated for a Liebster Award

Leicester award

I must begin by thanking the fabulous blogger who nominated me for a Liebster Award and encourage my followers to check out Miss Understood at https://keepkaryn.wordpress.com/.

I know that some bloggers are not fans of the Liebster because there is a fair bit of effort required to “follow the rules” and get the award, and because the process has a “chain letter” quality that some find a turn off. If you are one of these kind folks, please know that I completely respect your decision not to accept my nomination, should I decide to select you for a Liebster. Also know that I may call you a poopy-head (but only to myself).

I hope that someday there are so many people nominating me for awards that I become worn down by all of the attention but in the meantime I think it is cool and fun and flattering and I am happy to jump through arguably entertaining hoops! And I am carefully selecting the 11 bloggers I will nominate, so if you are one of them please know that I sincerely enjoy your writing (and I will continue to enjoy your writing even if you choose to be a poopy-head and reject my nomination).

The Liebster Rules are the following:

  1. Thank and link back to your nominator
  2. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with 200 or fewer followers and link to them
  4. Draft 11 new questions for your nominees
  5. Notify your nominees via their blogs or social media

Here are THE QUESTIONS posed by Miss Understood and my responses:

Would you prefer to win the lottery or get paid to do what you are passionate about?  Win the lottery, duh! Because I am passionate about drinking good wine and eating good food, and going places with friends and family. Also because there is a $365 handbag at Roots that calls to me like the sirens of the sea and while I know it is shallow, I want it… I want it bad!

Name a book, fiction or non, that had a sustaining impact upon you? Everything ever written by Erma Bombeck because that woman is funny. Tina Fey’s book from last year because it made me snort and I couldn’t stop repeating lines to my husband. Lena Dunham’s book from this Christmas, because even though parts of it made me feel really sorry for the obvious emotional issues she lives with, other parts made me both snort and chortle (a winning combination). Smart women writing funny things … and not ‘mean’ funny but ‘really intelligent, insightful, hitting the bull’s eye every time’ funny.

If you could eradicate the need for one charity, which charity would it be? Shriners. Mostly because it would be wonderful to have no sick children but also slightly because I find the sight of elderly gentlemen in strange tassled hats disturbing. And where I am from, they drive tiny, circus-sized motorcycles in the Christmas Parade which I find deeply disturbing. It must all end… childhood illnesses and the whole tassled-hat-tiny-car thing!

Name two things on your bucket list  Don’t have one. Am certain that as soon as I created this list, my Type-A self would begin obsessively completing each item, thus fast-forwarding to the day when there was nothing left to live for. Terribly negative thought. Am very anti-death, particularly my own.

Tell us what you consider your greatest challenge  Currently, it is the completion of this list before everyone in my home wakes up and begins demanding Sunday morning pancakes. Already the smallest is curled up on the downstairs sofa, tummy grumbling, but I have distracted her with an ipad (don’t judge me!). Honestly, this is my greatest challenge… finding pockets of time in the day to just be me without wearing my mom-hat or my spouse-hat or my trying-to-earn-a-living hat. (These hats are very heavy and not flattering in the least because I have a strangely tiny head)

What would your best friend say is your best character trait?  Well, last Sunday I took a relatively wild 8+ hour drive with a wonderful friend and her injured dog. We travelled out-of-province so he could have surgery (which went astoundingly well, may I add!). We hit a few obstacles along the way, like driving about half an hour in the wrong direction, enduring a bit of car-drive inspired puking, and a long stint on a very dark highway accompanied only by giant transfer trucks and suicidal wildlife threatening to end-it-all by dashing into traffic. But we both maintained a sense of humour, inserting a bit of Starbucks and a bit of shopping, and a bit of bad singing-along to the radio, so I declared the day a huge success. And I think my friend might be generous enough to say that I am good in a pinch and will at least TRY to lighten the mood, which is a good thing.

Name something that is not taught in school (grades 1-12) that you think should be mandatory? Common sense. Is this teachable? It certainly seems to be lacking among adults so adding it to the school curriculum would seem a grand plan. I volunteer to help develop the textbook… although I am not sure who might actually teach the course since school systems (both public and private) are currently bastions of the non-sensical. Also … proper card playing etiquette. Very useful. Would be delightful to have an entire nation filled with citizens who followed the same rules for Crazy 8’s and held their cards so that no one could see them!!

Give an example of a perfect day  This one. I am enjoying a bit of blogging time, soon to be interrupted by pancake-making, which is fine because I love pancakes. Then I am putting on some soup which means that my house will start to smell like soup… yay! And later I am baking cookies so I will have that whole soup+cookie smell thing happening which is fabulous… note to self: email Body Shop to suggest the introduction of “soup+cookie” shower gel and accompanying scent products. And around 5 o-clock friends and family will arrive for our weekly Sunday dinner. We will be too loud and talk over each other and argue about current events. We will force my children to play instruments and sing. There will be wine (probably too much) and laughter and the eating of far too much food. It is glorious!

Name one place that you would love to visit that you have not  Star’s Hollow. It is an imaginary town depicted in the Netflix show “The Gilmore Girls” that I am currently watching with my youngest. In Star’s Hollow, diner food appears to have no calories, small businesses never go bankrupt, and everyone has the most wonderful hair! The ‘common folk’ are clearly happier than those with money, which is awesome, although their joy may come from the fact that they never appear to pay for their diner food or their groceries or their dance lessons. Yes… I would love to visit Star’s Hollow. Would also like to stop by the town where all those teens from “The Vampire Diaries” live. Don’t really want to hang out here (on account of all the vampires) but would like to stay for an afternoon, long enough to hand out flyers suggesting that everyone simply MOVE AWAY and reduce their risk of death-by-bloodletting by about 100%.

With limitless time, name something that you’d love to learn to do  Speak another language. French would be nice but mostly because it would mean that I could sever all work relationships with French translation services and keep that money for myself. Italian would be cool because… really… who doesn’t want to speak Italian!?! Would definitely need limitless time since I have no proficiency to learn languages. Zero… na da. I think my brain is so full of English words that there just isn’t any more room in there.

 Do you feel you have a message that would change someone’s life?  Of course not. What sort of raging egomaniac truly thinks that they possess that sort of wisdom? (Answer: Gwyneth Paltrow)

So there are my answers. Now, I shall present the list of questions I am posing to my 11 nominees:

  1. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? (I have always wanted to ask that question)
  2. You are on a desert island and can have only one food. You will never run out but that is all you will ever eat… for the rest of your life. What food do you choose and why?
  3. You have lots of time and no one else wants in the bathroom. Do you choose to take a shower or do you choose a bath? Why?
  4. In your “dream home” what is the biggest room? Why?
  5. You are on a plane. The person beside you wants to engage in conversation but you would rather just watch bad television and eat your tasteless, pre-packaged chicken wrap. How do you resolve this?
  6. Who is your favourite cartoon dog and why?
  7. You have been trapped in a Karaoke situation. There is no way out. What song do you sing?
  8. You are in a clothing store. You have enough money to purchase one “PERFECT” sweater. Beside this item is a sale rack where you find three “NICE” sweaters that can all be bought for the same amount of money. What do you choose to do and why?
  9. You have a chance to rewrite history and change your name to anything you like… What do you call yourself?
  10. Too cold or too hot? If you had to pick one, which would it be and why?
  11. The television has broken and there is not a book to be found (what a horrifying thought!). It is a stormy day and you are trapped in your house. How do you amuse yourself for the day?

And here is my list of nominees (imaginary drum roll…):

Where Will M.S. Take Me  http://mstakesme.com/

Life Lessons  https://grieflessons.wordpress.com/

Cordelia’s Mom, Still http://cordeliasmomstill.com/

Love You To the Moon  https://rightuptothemoonandback.wordpress.com/

Susie Shy45 http://susieshy45.wordpress.com

Memoirs of a Mild Mellowdramatic https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/70764681/

Are you Finished Yet? http://areyoufinishedyet.com/

Rachelmankowitz  https://rachelmankowitz.wordpress.com

Standing in the Shallows http://standingintheshallows.com/

The Writes of Women https://writesofwoman.wordpress.com/

Magnolianalaska http://magnolianalaska.com/

Please note that I also follow lots of other nomination-worthy blogs but some of them are “too big” for this nomination and some are very vocal about NOT accepting award nominations.  Also note that I, personally, love to be nominated by anyone for anything!  So thanks again for the honour.  It makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside.





Author: Kim Scaravelli

Kim Scaravelli is an entrepreneur, marketer, content consultant, and author of “Making Words Work”. The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to Kim’s popular newsletter. Every second Wednesday, she shares practical writing tips, timely insights, and resources to make your work easier and your content better. To learn more about Kim, visit her website.

8 thoughts

    1. It did turn into quite an undertaking… there was some sweating involved. It was intense. Hope I never get nominated for anything bigger!


  1. Oh, I’m honored. But according to the rules you list above, I don’t qualify as I have now have more than 200 followers (I picked up a whole bunch just in the last few months). Yay me!

    (I don’t mind if you call me a poopyhead – venting can be good.)


    1. Well… you can congratulate yourself on being too big and too popular! These are indeed wonderful problems to have. Hope I soon have them too!


  2. Kim
    Thank you for nominating me. I have less than 50 followers. But it makes me warm and fluffy inside to know that you nominated me.
    Where would I need to provide answers to the questions you posed ?
    Thank you,


    1. You make a post in your blog that answers the questions and includes links to my blog and to your 11 nominees as well as your list of questions for them. Time consuming but fun! Keep blogging. I started mine last June. Getting 100 followers is tough but It grows more quickly after that.


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