Frozen yogurt is healthy, right?


Frozen yogurt is healthy, right?  So ending a long walk around the neighbourhood with a visit to the frozen yogurt place is actually adding more ‘healthy’ onto an already healthy activity, right?

Lucky me… on Thursday nights, there is this great special.  You only pay $5 no matter how much yogurt is in the cup!  So, of course, I choose the largest cup size available because I am a very bargain conscious shopper, and because yogurt is so very healthy.  More yogurt must equal more ‘healthy’, right?

I add strawberries to my yogurt because fruit is very healthy.  I also add brownie bits and salted peanuts, sweetened coconut slivers and tiny balls of cookie dough, an ever-so-reasonable squirt (or 3) of hot fudge sauce and a practically-not-even-there dollop (or 3) of whipped cream.  And a maraschino cherry (because it’s only one sugar-soaked cherry, for God’s sake).  And some chocolate sprinkles (just for decoration).

So now I have a tummy ache.  Perhaps it was the maraschino cherry.  Perhaps I am lactose-intolerant.  It couldn’t be the yogurt.  The staff at the yogurt place all wear yoga pants and there are ‘low fat’ stickers on almost every flavour.  Yogurt is so healthy…

Author: Kim Scaravelli

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15 thoughts

  1. I dunno, maybe the walking gave your innards some torsion it didn’t like. Next time, try the same thing, without the walking? … 🙂
    This reminds me of my older sister’s “diet” root beer float. Take the biggest glass in the house (about the size of a child’s sand bucket). Fill it with real, French vanilla ice cream. I mean, fill it. Then complete it with enough diet root beer to make the iceberg of 1/2 gal of ice cream, float. (Sadly, she did this with no irony.)

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    1. Maybe it WAS the walking! I see it so clearly now… Thank goodness it had nothing to do with the maraschino cherry because I really love cherries.

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  2. Coconut on yogurt? There’s your tummy-grief source right there. Coconut should only be used for mulch. Everything else was perfectly healthy.


    1. Another reader mentioned the strawberries… also a potential tummy upsetter. Should definitely stick to the chocolate and whipped cream!


      1. Yes, but if you want a treat, tell the person “no thanks” and see how they react. “But, it only 25 cents more, they may say.” I usually tell them “I would only eat it and do not need that much.”


  3. Hey there! Just nominated you for TWO awards. Check the two latest posts on my page, if you want to participate 🙂


    1. HI
      Thanks for the nominations. Can you pop me the url to get to the latest posts on your page because I don’t think I am ending up where I need to be. Thanks.


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