5 Life Lessons from Walking the Dog

walking-the-dogEvery morning I take a break from the hectic nature of life and spend a lovely hour walking my dog in a beautiful wooded park, where he can be off-leash.  I have learned many things during this time.

From walking past the blueberry bushes, I have learned…

Be suspicious of easy pickings. There’s more pee on low hanging fruit.

From sharing pathways with bicyclers, I have learned…

Don’t stand your ground unless you can take the hit.

From strolling while pondering my woes, I have learned…

Dwelling on the past while moving towards the future can land you in a pile of poop.

From people-watching as I wander along, I have learned…

Some folks aren’t happy, even on the sunniest day, and others laugh, even in the rain.

From the state of my Subaru after our walks, I have learned…

A little fun creates a little mess. A lot of fun creates a lot of mess.

Walking the dog is not a chore.  It is a privilege.  Perhaps this is the biggest lesson I have learned.

Author: Kim Scaravelli

I'm a content strategist and author of "Making Words Work: A Practical Guide To Writing Powerful Content." I'm bossy, but in a good way. And when I'm not kicking ass professionally, I wrangle a large, unruly family, and serve as butler to very demanding pets.

6 thoughts

  1. also it’s difficult to hold on to the frustrations of the day and hold onto the leash at the same time.


  2. So any lover of Dogs this makes an excellent read and to any “non lover” of dogs if this piece should make a convert of such person….read every line and grabbed very lesson and emotion…thank you!


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