25 Things To Tell Our Daughters


There are many important things we need to tell our daughters:

  1. Do not say “yes” when you are thinking “no”. Click to tweet
  2. Do not leave a business meeting to get coffee for anyone… not a client… not your boss… not God Almighty.   Ever. Period.
  3. Always wear comfortable underwear. Click to tweet
  4. Put together your own furniture. I know it’s tempting. There is always some idiot who can be convinced to assemble that IKEA bookcase for you. But playing “dumb” is the edge of a slippery slope to genuine incompetence. So put on your big girl panties and deal with those indecipherable instructions written in five languages.
  5. Don’t put on make up before he wakes up. Or just because he is coming over. You are a f…ing Goddess in your Roots sweatpants and your throwback-to-the-70s hair scrunchie and he should thank the Sky Gods every day for your presence.
  6. Never surrender the TV remote. Click to tweet
  7. Eat.
  8. Do not diss other women.
  9. Sing in the shower. Loudly.
  10. Buy the more expensive wine. Click to tweet
  11. Shoe shop with girlfriends.
  12. Don’t buy polyester-cotton sheets.
  13. As soon as it is affordable, buy a deep-seat sofa, a soft mattress, and at least two pair of ‘walking’ shoes. Life is too short to be uncomfortable.
  14. Don’t waste time on a man who refers to his friends as ‘bros’. Click to tweet
  15. Splurge on the good chocolate.
  16. Vote.
  17. Proudly declare yourself a ‘feminist’. It’s a good thing. Click to tweet
  18. Travel.
  19. Wear sunscreen.
  20. Cry when you feel like it. Scream when you are angry. Laugh from the gut. Click to tweet
  21. Don’t say sorry unless you mean it.
  22. Never fake anything. Pretending never ends well.
  23. Think long and hard before you get a really short haircut.
  24. Keep a piggy bank in your home. Change adds up. Click to tweet
  25. Hold your head up high. Always. Because you are a woman.

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Author: Kim Scaravelli

Kim Scaravelli is an entrepreneur, marketer, content consultant, and author of “Making Words Work”. The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to Kim’s popular newsletter. Every second Wednesday, she shares practical writing tips, timely insights, and resources to make your work easier and your content better. To learn more about Kim, visit her website.

17 thoughts

    1. I made coffee once and it became the thing I did before every meeting… have u EVER been in a meeting where a male attendee got sent out to put I the coffee pot? Be respectful, but decline.


      1. Aha…the story behind the advice. I’ve only ever had one job in an office and don’t remember my immediate boss ever asking me to bring him coffee unless I was going for it myself. It would not be fun to have to make it just because you were a woman…So good for you.


        1. This made me realize that I missed a rather important one… Number 26… “When you say NO… and there are many occasions when NO is the correct response… be polite, be respectful and be firm. Don’t say ‘maybe later’.”


  1. I’d like to add to #23. Hair grows back. Take a chance if it’s a style/cut you love. BUT… think long and hard before growing your hair out because he likes it that way. Wear your hair, make up, clothes the way you love. If he happens to love it too, that’s really secondary.


  2. Even better: Don’t “tell” your daughter, show your daughter. I wouldn’t have listened. I might have watched. Words move fast. Actions lived, well…take longer.


  3. Good advice except for the wine. Shop off the second shelf because the wine is as good and less expensive. That will leave more change for the piggy bank. By the way, the most expensive items in a grocery store are at eye level for an average height woman, so shop lower and empower your bank account. Good lessons for our daughter. Thanks, BTG


    1. There is ‘less expensive’ wine and then there is ‘cheap’ wine. The former is a good deal (and might indeed be found on a lower shelf). The latter is just a headache waiting to happen.


      1. Kim, so true. That is why ignore the bottom shelf. A wine broker shared that idea with us at a tasting and we tested it out. You can go broke drinking the top shelf wine. Cheers, BTG


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