5 Accessories NOT to put on your dog

dog-accessoriesJust encountered a mortified pooch sporting a banana costume and was inspired to repost my opinion on the subject of accessorizing dogs.

Stuff my dog taught me

embarassed schnauzer-beeAs a diligent pet owner I take Buster to the local off-leash park every day and he accompanies me on short haul trips around the neighbourhood (unless I have to go into a store… because Buster does not do the ‘leashed on the bicycle rack’ thing… he is very firm on this point).  I speak from the heart when I say that both he and I are taken aback when approached by dogs that have been grossly accessorized by their significant others.  For his part, Buster tends to pull himself as far away from the unfortunate beast as the confinement of pathways and sidewalks will allow.  Personally, I do that ‘look away, look down, look up at the sky thing’, creating the impression that I either have a slight palsy or am searching empty space for imaginary creatures no one else can see.  Both his reactions and mine lead me to the conclusion that it is simply WRONG to accessorize your…

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Author: Kim Scaravelli

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