Ban Donald Trump From Canada


Author: Kim Scaravelli

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8 thoughts

    1. I used to laugh and sort of think of him as some sort of baffoon… like a Kardashian with a comb-over. But now the intensity of the ‘hate’ coming off him just makes me sad. It’s like he opens his mouth and says all the things you wish nobody thought.

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      1. I thought I had replied last night… but maybe my pc crashing around that time sealed it’s fate.

        Anyway, love that “like a Kardashian with a comb-over”. Spot on. He just seems to be a rich thug, a playground bully with the finesse and charm of a brick. Such a crass individual (irrespective of policies even). He would fit in well over here in terms of authoritarian style (!)…. Hey, maybe that’s the solution, ship him over; being surrounded by a country of 99.3% Muslims could be good for him (hilarious too).

        Have a good day anyway. We await the next episode.

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  1. Thanks Kim. Please share your sentiments with as many of your American friends as possible. He has offended many groups with his hateful rhetoric and reacts to anyone who asks him questions about how he plans to do things with disdain or negative labels. People only need to look at his history to learn what kind of president he would be – exploitive and litigious. Thanks, Keith

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    1. I am kind of secretly hoping he becomes the republican candidate because it really is the best chance for getting the first female president of the united states… sad but true!

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      1. I agree. If nominated, Hillary Clinton would win easily. By the way, in the UZk, 300,000 people signed an online petition to ban a Trump. What you might find interesting, in the UK, if 100,000 people sign a petition, Parliament is obligated to debate the issue.


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