Life Regret: Chinese Food At the Mall


Author: Kim Scaravelli

I am a digital strategist, content designer, speaker, writer, and owner of Trust Communications Inc.

3 thoughts

  1. It is all that msg that makes it look prettier and taste worse and leave that lingering effect. Chinese food (not from the mall) is a weekly or biweekly staple here. Have a good one, Keith


    1. Pretty sure the heat lamps don’t help either. Sticky sauce under a lightbulb turns to paste pretty quickly. Sugary paste, but still paste!


  2. When I lived in Truuro the Chinese food at the mall was fantastic. The secret was that it was not part of a “chain” and the owner was attentive to the quailiy of the food he prepared. Huge portions and a longer wait for preparation and excellent results. I think member of the same family had or has the same type of operation in Sydney


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