May you always have warm feet and cold beer.

May you never get stuck in traffic when you have to pee.

May at least one person say something kind to you every day.

May all of your wrinkles be laugh lines.

May everyone who visits your home bring wine.

May someone else put the morning coffee on at least once in a while.

May you giggle more than you frown.

May you find a $20 in the dryer.

May all your aches and pains be from too much dancing.

May you remember the good times and let go of all the rest.

Author: Kim Scaravelli

I'm a content strategist and author of "Making Words Work: A Practical Guide To Writing Powerful Content." I'm bossy, but in a good way. And when I'm not kicking ass professionally, I wrangle a large, unruly family, and serve as butler to very demanding pets.

7 thoughts

  1. Kim, great list. My wife laughs at me for knowing where many of the rest stops are on the Interstates, so your number 2 has greater meaning here. Merry Christmas, Keith


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