5 Spring Rituals in Atlantic Canada

spring rituals

  1. We put away the bin of sidewalk salt (but leave out the shovel… just in case)
  2. We unzip our winter coats (but probably only in the afternoon)
  3. We put on shorts (with wool socks… and boots)
  4. We put plastic grocery bags on our hands and scoop up the 100+ piles of dog poop that were previously buried in the snow in our backyards (using the snow shovel to pry them off the still frozen ground)
  5. We set up the patio furniture and enjoy a beer on the back deck (while wearing dollar store mittens and wrapped in duvets)

Author: Kim Scaravelli

I'm a content strategist and author of "Making Words Work: A Practical Guide To Writing Powerful Content." I'm bossy, but in a good way. And when I'm not kicking ass professionally, I wrangle a large, unruly family, and serve as butler to very demanding pets.

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