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Stuff My Dog Taught Me


My name is Kim.  I am the CEO of a large, loud household that includes multiple off-spring, all of their friends, an extended family, a frequently overwhelmed husband, and a very poorly trained schnauzer, named Buster.

I work from a home office which has certain benefits, like conference calling in your pajamas and never having to eat a sandwich that has spent hours in a thermal bag, squished between an ice pack and a pop can.  But there are also drawbacks.  One of them may be developing an unnatural relationship with the dog.  Buster is a VERY BAD dog – but a VERY GOOD friend and I have learned many things by watching him manage his day-to-day affairs.

Stuff My Dog Taught Me is a sometimes heartwarming, always amusing compilation of my observations about life, Buster’s observations about life, and a hodge podge of other stuff we both find interesting.

Would love to have you as a blog follower!  Or a twitter follower!  Or a Facebook follower! Clearly, I want a zillion followers – who doesn’t?!?

13 thoughts

  1. Kim,

    It’s always a joy when someone signs up to follow Learning from Dogs. Doubly so when that person is also writing about dogs. So a very big welcome and, please, if you ever want to promote your blog via a guest post over on LfD, please feel free. My contact email address is on my home page. Best wishes, Paul.


    1. Thanks. Checking out your front page now. Please pardon me in advance if I don’t do this correctly. It’s my first nomination for anything.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your blog too. Dogs can teach you a lot of things. People just seem too busy with things to notice these days.
    I have two of my own. Plus three cats.

    Now if I could just learn to post………
    I’m on a tiny phone with wifi.. and it loves to give me fits. :/

    Well I am following your blog now. It gives me something to do now.


  3. Kim, thanks for reading my post and then bravely admitting you liked it. That allowed me to track you down and share your writing. Anyone who admits they can learn from a dog is smarter that the average biped. I’m now following you and others who posted on your blog.


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